Northern Part of Myanmar


  • Putao is another town in Kachin state surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
  • Mt. Khakhaborazi (5889 metres), which is the highest mountain in Myanmar and in Southeast Asia, is visible from Putao.
  • It is the starting point for Myanmar’s most adventurous trekking adventures.
  • There are also many different ethnic minority tribes in Kachin state.
  • The whole year round, there are many varieties of citrus fruits, grown in the orchards.
  • Flowing streams and rivulets, straw roofed houses and fences of pebbles and creek stones provide a pleasant, pastoral contrast to the scenes and sights of modern cities.


  • Myitkyina is the capital city of Kachin State in Myanmar, located 1,480 kilometers from Yangon, and 785 kilometers from Mandalay.
  • “Myitkyina” means “near the big river”, and it is on the west bank of the Ayeyawaddy River, just below 40 kilometers from Myit-son (confluence) of its two headstreams (the Mali and N’mai rivers).
  • It is the northernmost river port and railway terminus in Myanmar.
  • Myitkyina is currently the furthest north that it is possible to travel in Myanmar over land, and not many people make it this far.
  • West of Myitkyina, covering an area of 44 square kilometers, is Myanmar’s largest inland lake, the Indawgyi, in the center of which stands the Shwe Myintzu Pagoda.
  • The Kachin Manaw festival is a week-long festival that takes place in Myitkyina in January and is sacred to the Kachin people of northern Myanmar.
  • Hundreds of thousands come from surrounding towns and villages to participate in mass dances performed in tribal customers.