Poppa Mountain Park


  • Located between 20’33’ N and 95’15’ E in Kyaukpadaung of Mandalay Division.


  • 49.63 square miles.


  • Yangon via Pyay and Kyaukpadaung to Popa, 412 miles by car.
  • Yangon via Meikhtila and Kyaukpadaung to Popa , 400 miles by car.
  • Yangon via Nyaung- U , 320 miles by air and 37 miles by car.


  • Monkey , barking deer, wild pig, jungle cat, wild dog and about 140 avifauna species inhabit the Popa area.
  • The dusty leaf monkey is a scarce animal and about 150 monkeys live in the Popa Mountain Park.

Opporyunities for Study ad Recreation

  • Observation dry zone ecosystem , avifauna species and other wild animals.
  • Enjoyment of the natural beauty of Popa, Oasis of Dry Zone.
  • Studying in the naturally regenerated of sandalwood species.
  • Studyinf geological features and minerals from and exit volcano which erupted 25,000 years ago.
  • Studying the natural forests by trekking on foot or on horseback along the forest paths.
  • Observing the medicinal plants and climbers and conducting field research works.
  • Enjoyment of natural beauty by car , horse or on foot and playing golf.
  • Lodging with mesls at the Popa Mountan Resorts of the Forest Department.
  • Studying at the environment education centre.

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