Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp



  • Located in Taikkyi Township of Yangon Division .


  • 10 arces.


  • Yangon to Pa-lon , 60miles by car , Pa-lon to Kwan Ti Myaung , unmetalled road 8 miles , and Kwan Ti Myaung to Myaing Hay Wun , forest road 4.5 miles.


  • Elephant , Guar , Banteng , Barking deer , Wild boar , Hear Wild cat , Green Peafowl , Rubby sheld duck , Hill myna, Blossom-headed paraject, pheasant, Red Jungle fowl, Quail, Dove, Duck, lesser tree duck, Butterflies , Moths ,Snaker , Monitar Lizard , Groung lizard , Grass lizard and Chameleon are present.

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • Study of fishes and aquatic creatures in La-ha-ma-nge fishpond and recreation by fishing.
  • Viewing of pyinkadoe plantation situated near Sinte and listening to the sound of birds.
  • Hiking and mountaineering in the forest.
  • Observing training of domestic elephants.
  • Elephants riding around the camp.
  • Study of capture of wild elephants.


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