Western Part of Myanmar



  • The old capital of Rakhine Kingdom founded in 15 century, remained its capital for 355 years and nowadays known for its temples with wall paintings.
  • Mrauk U can be reached from Sittway with a very pleasant river journey about 4 hours.
  • Even the pagodas are strategically located on hilltops, the most famous pagoda are Sittaung Pagoda, Dukkanthein Pagoda and Andawthein.
  • The Mahamuni Shrine is situated 30 km from Mrauk U.



  • The Chin lives in the Northwest border areas or further south in the Rakhine State.
  • Mt.Victoria of 3400 meter high is the perfect place for nature lovers.
  • Soft trekking , butterfly and birds watching are available.
  • Some of the women there tattoo their faces completely in tasteful designs.
  • But the old traditional of this tattooing face still can be seen in some villages.
  • Their hand woven cotton and silk in traditional designs and colors are collectors’ items.
  • It is 174 km from Bagan by jeep and roads which were once bad are under construction now.
  • The excursion is not recommended for rainy season and is suitable for the adventurous clients.