Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary


  • Located between 10’05’ N and 95’18’ E in Bogalay Township of Ayeyawaddy Division.


  • 52.79 square miles.


  • Yangon to Bogalay , 99 miles by river launch and Bogalay to Meinmahla Kyan , 12 miles by small motorboat.


  • Otter ,sambar, hog deer, wild boar, crab-eating kra, wild dog, turtles and tortoises , estuarine crocodiles, fish, prawn , crab and 34 bird species are known to occur in the Ayeyawaddy Dolphin is said to occur occasionally in the area.

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • Study on mangrove ecosyatem.
  • Study and research on mangrove conservation with the practice of natural regeneration method, bird watching.
  • Study on behavior of wildlife including reptiles, mammals and aquatic animals .
  • Study on the egg-laying of marine turtle at kadonlay nesting beach ; 10 miles away from the sanctuary , during November to January.
  • Conducting of socio-economic survey on local people at seaside.

Accommodation facilities

Accommodation for 6 persons Bogalay , 5 persons at Meinmahla kyan and 5 persons at a guard post in the sanctuary.

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