Hlawga Wildlife Park



  • Located between 17’ 01’ N and 96’05’ E in Taukkyan Model Village, Mingaladon township of Yangon Division.


  • 540 acres, comprising a wildlife o
  • park (818 acres) , a mini-zoo (62 acres) and a buffer zone ( 600 acres).


  • Approximately 22 miles north of Yangon, just west of Yangon-Pyay Road.


  • Thamin, hog deer, samhar deer , rhesus monkey, pythons, pangolin, mythun ,all habe in the fenced wildlife park. In the mini-zoo , small mammals, birds , tigers , leopards , bears and estuarine crocodiles are being displayed more freely in large in spacious cages , aviaries and moated enclosures , built with modern zoo concept.

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • Study nature conservation activities in Myanmar.
  • Observing ecological study on Thamin, hog deer , barking deer , sambar deer , etc.. in their natural state.
  • Enjoyment of out-door recreation such as picnic sites , traditional huts , boats and elephant rides.
  • Conducting individual or group bird-watching activities with assistance from experienced bird- watchers of the park .
  • Study a previously human-disturbed and degraded forest , gradually resorting itself into a well grown natural forest ,over a time – span of 20 yesrs.
  • Recreation in high “ chalets” built by the forest Department.

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