Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park


Location and Area

  • It is located in Mingin township of Sagaing division.
  • 620.35 square miles.

Year of Establishment

  • Established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1941 and opened as a national park in 1984.


  • Yangon in Alungdaw Kathapa by car is 548 miles.
  • Yangon to Mandalay is 400 miles by air or land.
  • Mandalay to Alungdaw Kathapa (via Sagaing and Monywa) is 148 miles by car . You have to cross the Chindwin river.


  • Elephant , tiger ,leopard , gaur , banteng , sambur , barkin deer , jungle goal , mountain goat , bear , wild boar , jungle cat and many kinds of birds inhabit Alungdaw Kathapa.

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

  • Worship at the place where Alungdaw Shinmahar Kathpa has been enshrined.
  • Visiting and conducting research in the least disturbed forest types.
  • Conducting research on tiger conservation and management.
  • Observing intand avifauna species.
  • Study of the growing condition of Kundaing forest and Pine forest.

Accommodation Facilities

Three are guesthouses , log cabins and camp sites in the park . Location map of parks.

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